Cedrat Technologies (France)

Cedrat Technologies

Cedrat Technologies SA (CEDRAT) is a world leading SME specialising in smart actuators, smart sensors, mechatronics and detection systems. It designs, manufactures and tests components, systems and associated electronics. CEDRAT’s expertise has been developed through its activities within the space sector; it is now diversifying in to other industry sectors including the aircraft and medical sectors.

Smart Actuators - Actuators and motors based on piezoelectric ceramics, electroactive polymers, ultrasonic effects, magnetostrictive alloys, magneto rheological fluids (MRF) and magnetic effects (moving coils, moving iron, etc.).

Smart Sensors - Magnetic, magneto resistive, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers and generators, force, torque, position, speed, acceleration (including contactless sensors and resonant sensors).

Mechatronic systems - Multi-degree-of-freedom mechanisms, micro robotics motion control, active damping of vibrations, vibration (ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process, proportional valves and fast injectors.

Detection systems - Structural health monitoring (SHM); NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects; magnetic or acoustic localisation.

Within the AEROPZT project CEDRAT will:

  • Analyse the end user needs to predefine the actuator type and to specify the piezo ceramic.
  • Design the actuator based on high temperature piezo ceramics.
  • Build the additional parts of the actuator (pre-stress, thermal compensation, environmental protection casing, sensors, cabling and connectors) and assemble the actuator.
  • Provide the necessary electronics to facilitate testing of the actuator.
  • Perform the actuator functional tests prior to the environmental testing.